I offer highly personalized translation and linguistic advisory services in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish and Italian. My customers' business success is my main target. 

 Professional business correspondence translation.


Get new contacts and expand the list of your business partners and customers by enabling fast, easy and clear communication via translated emails and letters.

 Professional translation of business websites content.

web-pages content

Spread your business around the globe by attracting more users from different countries with translations of business web-sites, blogs and Internet platforms content. 

 Professional translation of official documents.

official documents

Broaden your business activity in the international environment with translations of contracts, official letters, bills, invoices and juridical materials.

 Professional translation of business phone and Skype calls.

phone/skype conversations

If you want to have direct contact with your colleagues and/or customers, good clear oral translation is something that will increase your communication efficiency.

 Professional translation of marketing materials.

marketing materials

Maintain the contact with your foreign target audience using easy-comprehensive translations of presentation, speeches, business offers, posters and flyers.

 Professional translations of business meetings and conferences.

business meetings/conferences

Closing or losing an international business deal in can be the matter of translation quality. Make your negotiations effective by choosing the translator who will help you succeed.